Danielle Degon

Artist and curatorial member at AUTOMAT Collective focused on industrialized forms of production and its effects on psychology, biography, sociality, and the art-making process. Through artwork and curating, Danielle Degon instigates the recognition of systemic power and makes connections between influential facets: love and labor, creativity and the overthrow of capitalism, and protest and the social good.



Watch Your Step

A performance that began when the viewers met the flat platform, which was unknowingly unable to bear weight, in the middle of a large room. The text, “watch your step”, acted both as an invitation and a warning, allowing the viewer to contemplate the consequences of their actions only after performing. The piece assigned specific blame to the viewers whose shoeprints were clearly visible. The work deconstructs narratives of fault and blame through positioning the viewers as naiveté.

Materials: plaster, wood

Dimensions: 10’ x 5’ x 5”

Tyler School of Art: Philadelphia, PA
December 2016