Danielle Degon

Artist and curatorial member at AUTOMAT Collective focused on industrialized forms of production and its effects on psychology, biography, sociality, and the art-making process. Through artwork and curating, Danielle Degon instigates the recognition of systemic power and makes connections between influential facets: love and labor, creativity and the overthrow of capitalism, and protest and the social good.



Irreversible Process

A solo exhibition exploring the differences  between the idealized and the real object. Using steel, wax, fabric, and heat lamps, the sculptures change, sink, melt, and dissolve into entropy. This performance of the objects disseminates the possibility of individual rebirthwhile contemplating the self as prop, self as subject of dissection, and self as spectacle.

Materials: plastic sheeting, wood, wax, steel, space heater, fabric, mattress, plexiglass, heat lamps, dc motor,

Dimensions: 20’x20’x10’

Stella Elkins Gallery: Philadelphia, PA
January 27 2017