Danielle Degon

Artist and curator at AUTOMAT Collective who uses multiple mediums to explore the effects of productivity on human psychology, biography, sociality, and the art-making process. My sculptural work often appropriates tools of industrialization to reveal the contradictions of ceaseless extraction, production, and profit.



Fear of Becoming the Fool

An installation of horizontally strung segments of barbed wire that connect the opposing gallery walls, beginning at the floor and continuing up to a height of fifteen feet. Each segment of barbed wire has been carefully hand-twisted and coated in Disperse red 9, a transferrable red dye that is used in smoke grenades and theft-protection dye packs. Segments of barbed wire span across the gallery every eight inches, creating an impenetrable border that marks anything with which it comes into contact.

Materials: steel wire, Disperse red 9

Dimensions: 126” x 14’
Straw Gallery: Philadelphia, PA
March 13 2020